Terms and Conditions

  1. Please note that Horseview.UK is a subsidiary of Goldeneye Video & Photography, and both are owned and managed by Bernard Simpson. All receipts from credit cards and other financial documentation will be in the name of Goldeneye Video & Photography
  2. Yearling or syndicate promotional information is entirely the responsibility of the promotor and as such, the advertiser continuously exonerates Horseview.UK and Goldeneye Video & Photography for any breach of inaccuracy or decency pertaining to every promotion.
  3. No promotion will become live on this site until full payment has been received.  Current fees for 2020, are £75.00 for a single horse or £65.00 each for two. If a larger number is required, please contact Horseview.uk for a price.
  4. Yearling and Syndication promotions will be allowed to remain on the site until the end of October each year for a single fee, unless it is requested by the advertiser to remove the promotion beforehand. For example a promotion of October 2020 can remain on the site until the end of October 2021.
  5. The editor of Horseview.uk has the right to refuse any promotion  and is not required to give any reason why a promotion is disallowed from the site.
  6. Editorial control of the whole of the site www.horseview.uk including all promotions will remain at all times under the management and care of the editor.
  7. These terms and conditions are in accordance with English Law and are governed by the same at all times.

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