Looking at the Equine Spine

Keeping the horse fit and well is a constant concern for all riders. One of the main problems that can occur, apart from normal foot infections is the spine. There are many who manipulate the muscles in a horse, but have they really given enough thought to why a muscle may be behaving abnormally. We suggest that they don’t and do not consider carefully enough what the root cause is. Apparent  muscular problems in horses, is very often caused by a spinal misalignment; that is when a vertebra in the spine is not in its proper place and has in simple terms, slipped. In the video below, we show part of a film recorded a few years ago, but is a relevant today as it was when made. It shows the expert equine spine practitioner and vet Dr David Watson explaining how an equine spine can become misaligned and how it can be corrected. Any spinal manipulation should always be done by an expert practitioner in the field and before muscular manipulation is started.

For the full version of this film, copies are available and can be sourced by emailing: editor@horseview.uk

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