Is Your Young Horse Fit. Find Out in this Short Video

In this short video, we look at what assessments are made for young horses. Many countries have special competitions for young horses which concern themselves with whether a horse has the potential to carry on in a long career of competition. In the UK the British Equine federation run a special competition every year during the summer called the BEF Futurity. Many youngsters are presented before the judges up and down the country. Each are assessed for conformation and looks and movement. One of the most important sections in the competition is the ‘Veterinary Assessment’. A horse can survive or fall in the Futurity depending on the vet’s opinion.

In this video, we see Dr Jane Rixon MRCVS, the senior vet on the Futurity’s panel, and she explains the rudiments of what is required and gives some advice on how best to present your horse before the panel of judges.

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