Hopes for Royal Ascot – Video of Spring Showjumping Champs 2017

Boris Johnson – Prime Minister. We wish him a speedy recovery

With Boris Johnson still in intensive care and the UK lock down likely to remain in place for some time, we show the champions of the Spring Showjumping Championships from 2017. We would have normally reported on this event which was due to have taken place a week or so ago, so a dip into our video archives may just give you a 20 minute light relief from the current situation.

In the news, racing has been forced to cancel the classics for the time being, but hope that the Guineas and the Derby and Oaks can be run somewhere at a later date in the year. In the meantime, Royal Ascot have announced that they intend to carry on behind closed doors. This frankly, is a ridiculous idea. Ascot  would be a total damp squib if these plans went ahead. They clearly need a touch of reality. When Wimbledon, Chelsea and Henley have all been cancelled, it does beggar belief that Ascot think that they are different. Perhaps they should also consider the feelings of Her Majesty. There s no way She could attend, thus breaking the current rules and without The Queen at the Royal Meeting, the whole thing would end up as a rather sad farce. Not only that, but if racing were to carry on, even if behind closed doors, the media would have a field day asking why it is the arrogant rich think they can proceed in such an irresponsible way? They ran Cheltenham, and got away with it as there were no lock down rules at the time, but still questions were asked. They were right to continue with Cheltenham, but Ascot is a totally different matter.

Now to our video archive. The Champions of 2017 Spring Showjumping Championships.


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