Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty The Queen at The Royal Windsor Horse Show in 2016

The whole world was saddened and many devastated as the news last evening at 6.30 that Her Majesty The Queen had died at Balmoral Castle. Her late Majesty’s legacy is long and profound. The world owes a huge debt of gratitude to a life that has enriched millions across the United Kingdom, Commonwealth and the world. For that, we thank you Your Majesty and may you rest in peace. God bless you. God save The King.

As a mark of respect, Horse View will not publish any further articles until the end of the national mourning period for Her Majesty. Many national events have already been cancelled or postponed as a mark of respect.

On April 21st 1926, no one knew that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor would one day become our Queen and longest serving monarch in British history. Thrown into the lime light by the abdication of King Edward VIII in 1936, and automatically becoming the Heir to the Throne, Her Majesty had only a few years before She became Queen after Her Father King George VI died at a relatively young age. At 25 years, what must She have thought as She descended the steps in 1952 to claim Her throne? The trepidation must have been enormous as She viewed a group of old men in a line on the tar mac of Heathrow airport, including Her elderly Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

After those few tentative steps, who would have thought that as Queen, She would rule and be Head of State to the United Kingdom together with another fourteen nations for over 70 years. How Lucky we all were.

Her Late Majesty saw the world change at a phenomenal rate during those years. The first man landed and walked on the moon. The world became much smaller somehow with the roll out of television and other media during the early part of Her reign, and the invention of the internet and social media – from which there would be and is no hiding. She always conducted herself above politics, although She must have been privy to more state and international secrets than anyone before Her and probably after. Despite that, She never interfered with any country’s political decisions – She just advised – and always in private. I could go on for pages and pages to explain reasons why the world should be so grateful for the life of Her Late Majesty, but I am sure others can do so more eloquently than I.

However, let us never forget that Her Late Majesty The Queen was not only the Head of State, but also a Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, and we offer our condolences to the whole of the Royal Family who have been left behind.

God Bless Her Majesty and may She rest in peace.


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